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A night in the tunnels

Emily Bailey mixing visuals


Last week I opened Anima Collective’s MECHANIKA night in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in Rotherhithe, London. It was an inspirational night of live music with Anima’s eight piece ensemble performing live to a total of 13 different animations and films from filmmaking talent in the capital.

I opened the night with a three screen visual set to a mix from electronic producer, Acra. Take a look at photos from the night and the video highlights on vimeo.

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Pulse, 2014

Pulse from Emily Bailey Live Visuals on Vimeo.

Pulse is a collaboration with composer, Phil Smith. The film was originally created for SoundScreen 2014, where the concept was to create an audiovisual piece that responded to the word, ‘pulse’.

The piece has been made using a mixture of drawings, cameraless animation on film and digital animation through AfterEffects.