“Emily Bailey’s films are reminiscent of process-based filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage or more recently Jennifer West. They are formally quite beautiful and I look forward to seeing how they develop.”

Review from Sarah McCrory, Director of Glasgow International

“Beautiful mix of techniques and media here. Energetic, evocative and atmospheric.”

Quote from Rayne Booth from REcreative

   Imogen,                                                Will,                                                      6.35: Telephasic       6.27: We Carry

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 Imogen   Will   Telephasic   carry

SLEEP: Promo

2015 Live Visuals Showreel

The Colours In My Head

Short Animation

Shapes And Things – Projection Mapping Test

Experiments with animating and projection mapping shapes and patterns


Short Animation

More work at vimeo.com/emilybaileylivevisuals