Commissions and Workshops

As an artist filmmaker and live visual artist I sometimes have the opportunity to work on commissions for event video designs, installations or experimental animations. I am also an experienced film and arts educator and teach and support children, young people and adults with film production and audiovisual projects.


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Shapes and Things

Experiments with animating and projection mapping shapes and patterns. Sound by Capa’s Jump. I use this piece as an example in projection mapping workshops.

Harvest The Sun

Harvest The Sun is a short animation comprised of ink drawings, digitised 16mm direct animation and computer generated effects and compositing. The film was created for Fringe Arts Bath Festival and takes inspiration from Professor Alison Walker’s research on solar cells. The film artistically captures the microscopic journey of cells being activated by the sun’s rays and generating energy.


This film was originally created for SoundScreen 2014, where the concept was to create an audiovisual piece that responded to the word, ‘pulse’.


Music video for Acra’s Insomnolent. The film evokes a synesthetic experience between the visuals and music through the reiterations of colour and texture and through the exploration and merging of analogue and digital media.